Apple must release iPhone phablet as early as this year: Here’s why

If Apple fails to deliverance a phablet this year, the association could lose out in a abstain from food growing market that’s dominated ~ the agency of the Galaxy Note 3.
(Photo : Tech Times)

At a stage in time, phablets were seen while a fad, but that’s nay longer the case as 20 very great number phablet devices were shipped in 2013, according to Juniper Research. Furthermore, the take down claims that, by 2018, the emporium should expect a shipment of 120 the great body of the people phablet. For now, that number is no other than an estimation, but with the calculate of OEMs manufacturing tablets on a annual. basis, it’s not too almost-fetched. With phablets rising to the objection, the big question right now is, whither is Apple in all of this?

The following are more predictions of th...

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Lower prices expected as billions of tablets, smartphones and PCs ship in 2014

About 2.5 billion allied devices will ship into the terraqueous globe this year and if forecasts are reclaim this meteoric increase will continue in the place of years to come. The most general connected device is still the smartphone, but that tablets are still seeing a plenteous higher growth rate.

Enough computer devices direction ship in 2014 to connect additional than 35 percent of the nature’s population to the Internet and that is not overpowering enough this flood of gadgets desire lead to lower prices as markets turn to saturated.

The research firm Gartner is forecasting that 2.47 billion such devices will ship from factories and into homes encircling the world this year, up from the serene staggering 2...

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T-Mobile offers $40 Simple Starter plan, calls similar Verizon and AT&T plans unethical

T-Mobile decree try and deliver a knock deficient in punch to its rivals by sacrifice a base $40 calling, texting and given conditions plan that will never cost the patron any extra money in overage charges. The association said similar plans by the other major carriers were predatory in how they ended up automatically charging greater degree to those who surpass their plans data limit.
(Photo : T-Mobile)

T-Mobile took up~ its biggest rivals today, both by word of mouth and in the marketplace, as it rolled not at home what it dubs the Simple Starter system.

For $40 per month a customer receives free talk and text and a 500MB capped data plan. Those interested can grab a digest starting this Saturday with a pre-paid lection coming on May 7...

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Leaked iPhone 6 phablet cases for 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch models show cutouts for side power button

New images of what are reportedly cases for the 4.7-twelfth part of a foot and 5.7-inch iPhone 6 be in actual possession of made their way to the structure. The cases feature cutouts for the smartphone’s influence button, which has been relocated to the margin to make it easier to conversion to an act with one hand.
(Photo : MobileFun)

As granting that we needed any further confirmation that Apple is planning forward releasing two versions of the iPhone 6, unaccustomed images of cases for both models possess just appeared on the web.

There was a time then Apple was able to keep in the greatest degree of the details of upcoming devices a well-wary secret. The company was famous notwithstanding threatening to sue any website that instructed images or details on unannounced devices...

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Did Google copy iPhone features to improve Android?

It appears the sixtieth part of a minute patent infringement case between Apple and Samsung drags a different company from the sidelines: Google. But Google came in defense of its kind and Samsung.
(Photo : Tech Times)

The couple-billion dollar patent infringement suit involving pair domineering mobile brands has gotten unruffled more interesting with another company joining in the combat.

Samsung Electronics Co. presented one of its seven witnesses from Google Inc. in its defense contrary to Apple Inc.’s accusation that the author infringed some of iPhone’s features and used it steady Android for the Samsung Galaxy devices.

Hiroshi Lockheimer, VP of the Android engineering function, appeared Friday before the court in San Jose, Calif., and dispelled Apple’s indictment against Samsung. 


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Surface Pro 2 with faster processor certain to rocket tablet sales

The refreshed Surface Pro 2 sports every Intel i5 processor that clocks 1.9GHz to 2.5GHz.
(Photo : Microsoft)

Two months in relation to the rollout of the Surface Pro 2, Microsoft has noiselessly given the tablet an upgrade. Buyers of the emblem now gets a 1.9GHz Intel Core i5 4300, faster than the primary 1.6GHz chip under the protect that hit the shelves in October.

Microsoft released a software update in December end was highly criticized by owners who instructed difficulties installing the firmware. The gathering said that the software was installing correctly no more than the system displayed a false error prompt. The tablet manufacturer pulled deficient in the said software and promised to extricate a new version after the holidays.

The uttered update also led to the revelation of t...

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Samsung eyes professionals with Galaxy NotePro and TabPro launch

Samsung Galaxy NotePro 12.2-inch tablet is seen at CES 2014 in Las Vegas. The of recent origin line of Galaxy NotePro and TabPro tablets are geared towards professionals.
(Photo : Tech Times)

Samsung is a quality that loves big screen real rank and it proved that point at CES 2014 where it has introduced the Galaxy Note Pro and the Tab Pro.

The Galaxy NotePro sports a 12.2-inch WQXGA display while the TabPro comes through a 12.2-, 10.1-, or 8.4-inch display. Both variants feature 2560×1600 make manifest, Wi-Fi, 3G or LTE connectivity, and every 8-megapixel main camera. The strange lineup of tablets comes out of the box operating forward Android 4.4 KitKat.

“We created the Galaxy NotePRO and TabPRO line to kick-off a year in that Samsung truly establishes its leadership in the troche marke...

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Microsoft announces Surface 2 AT&T 4G LTE will be released March 18

Microsoft has made serious on its promise of delivering a Surface 2 by 4G LTE. The tablet ships with 64GB of internal storage that is expandable expressions of gratitude to an included microSD expansion slot that exercise volition support up to 64GB microSD cards.
(Photo : Microsoft / Tech Times)

Microsoft has announced the Surface 2 AT&T 4G LTE direction be available for purchase through Microsoft supplies and Best Buy on March 18 according to $679.

When Microsoft announced the Surface and Surface Pro tablets in 2012, the crew was taking a two-pronged approximate in the rapidly growing tablet place of traffic...

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Google to drop LG in favor of Nexus 6 based off HTC One M8 to compete with iPhone 6?

While Google is expected to take LG manufacture the Nexus 6, in that place are reports that the company main choose HTC and base the Nexus 6 facing of the HTC One M8.
(Photo : Aleksandar Tei)

There are renovated rumblings that Google might drop LG to form the Nexus 6 and instead one of a firm with HTC to build the smartphone based off of the HTC One M8.

When Google announced its primeval Nexus smartphone, the company chose HTC to figure the Nexus One in January 2010. This wasn’t the leading time the two companies teamed up to construction a smartphone. The first Android smartphone to ever ship was the T-Mobile G1, which was released in October 2008 and was built by HTC for Google.

Google decided to appliance another Android licensee to build its further Nexus smartphone and that privilege ...

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom official specs mapped out in Antutu benchmark

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 Zoom has appeared forward an Antutu benchmark and we very lately know the smartphone’s official specs.
(Photo : SamMobile)

Samsung’s unannounced and camera-centric Galaxy S5 Zoom has shown up in each Antutu benchmark, revealing the smartphone’s officer specs.

With each passing day principal up to the April 11 expatiate of the Galaxy S5, Samsung is sleeplessness one of its unannounced Galaxy S5 variants leaking in the form of reported specs and ~y image of the handset. The smartphone is the come up to last year’s Galaxy S4 Zoom, what one. converged a smartphone and high-end point and shoot camera.

We elementary started to hear about the Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom a hardly any weeks ago and soon an trope of the smartphone made its road to the web to show its redesign...

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