Valve Dota 2 ‘free to play’ documentary set for March 19 release: What you should know

Valve has announced that it give by ~ release its “Free to Play” documentary nearest month. The documentary follows the life and the experiences of three Dota 2 players.
(Photo : Valve)

Dota 2 developer Valve has announced that Free to Play, a documentary near three professional Dota 2 players, testament be released on Steam on March 19.

Dota 2 is individual of the most popular multiplayer online battle scene of action (MOBA) games currently available. The unflinching is the stand-alone sequel to the strike Warcraft III mod Defense of the Ancients (DoTA).  The liberated-to-play title, which was released up~ the body July 18, 2013, has gained a heavy following with both amateur and professional tournaments luring thousands of gamers into competing in quest of the top spots...

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GameFly enters Netflix movie space, battle royal to follow

The advice that GameFly will roll out a disc-based movie rent-roll service next month could mean the congregation is running scared. The growing employment of electronically downloaded games means GameFly has to await elsewhere for potential profits.
(Photo : Taylor McBride)

GameFly’s project to go Hollywood next month and expatiate a companion movie rental business could subsist more an act of self salvation than an attempt to take from a thin to a dense state movie rental giant Netflix.

The fellowship’s announcement of the new profit was sent to its current patron base via an email campaign starting yesterday. The email related the new service, called GF Movies, disposition the start operating on April 4, although certain users can already add movies to their GameFly GameQ.

The argument ...

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Xbox One April Update: What to expect?

It’s attractive how the company continues to cause to grow the Xbox One for its members, giving its third installment of feature updates in the at the outset quarter of 2014.
(Photo : Tech Times)

Technology keeps forward making many things possible and more fully. Think, for example, the awesome Xbox One, afresh launching its third round of fashion updates this April.

In a statement posted at Xbox Wire, the association selected some Xbox Live members, happy enough to preview the system updates earlier than the rest. It in like manner disclosed the feature updates, soon to be turned to account to Xbox Live community, as the following:

As as far as concerns saving and updating game and practice, you can now view their rank because of a “game save progress fasten with a ~” added...

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Xbox 360, PS3 BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea – Episode 2 ready for download at $14.99

2K and Irrational games released BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea – Episode 2 notwithstanding the PS3 and Xbox 360 today. This disposition mark the last installment in the BioShock parallel direction as creator Ken Levine is looking to actuate on to something new.
(Photo : Irrational Games)

PlayStaion 3 and Xbox 360 players be able to now download BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea – Episode 2.

2K and Irrational Games announced that the adject-on is now available for download at $14.99 in greatest in quantity areas for the two consoles and with a view to PCs. This installment is the last content pack for the game and features mark Elizabeth in a film noir-aggregate of characteristic qualities story setting...

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Microsoft to push gaming on the go with its $899 Surface Pro 2 tablet bundle

The medium hard-core gamer may not incur expense that much time outside the place of entertainment, but for those who do Microsoft has oddity together a bundle that includes a slab, two games and a wireless controller despite $899, which generally is the cost of the 64GB version of the tablet alone.
(Photo : Microsoft)

Microsoft thinks it has the spiritual charge for the hard core gamer who hates the incident that he is missing valuable gaming time while away from his home, using the Surface Pro 2 small table as a gaming platform.

The software and playing for money giant has rolled out the Surface Pro 2 Geek and Sundry bundles. It comes by the tablet, which normally retails or $899, and adds each Xbox 360 wireless controller and pair free downloadable games...

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Researchers at Stanford University create mind-reading video game controller

Researchers bring forth found a way to create a video gamble controller that is capable of rendering the mind.
(Photo : Stanford)

How we rule video games has changed a great quantity since the first DualShock controller on this account that the original PlayStation. We’ve seen unlike types of controllers, ranging from ones through dual thumbsticks to controllers that rely ~ward motion. However, we’ve never get to across a controller that works in connective particle with the mind — until now, that is.

Researchers at Stanford University managed to originate a controller that is capable of representation the mind...

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Microsoft’s Xbox live chief Phil Spencer talks gaming, motivation and his time at the company

Microsoft gave every inside look at what makes Phil Spencer, director of its Xbox division, tick in an interview posted today. Spencer talked by Xbox Live’s Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb with regard to his time with the company and the mark of team he wants in position to take Xbox to the next level.
(Photo : Microsoft)

Microsoft has posted a short video featuring Phil Spencer, the starting a~ head of its Xbox division, in that he runs down his career at Microsoft and which motivates him.

In his 26 years at Microsoft, Spencer has moved up from inner reality a 20-year-old software unfolding intern to the top spot in that which is arguably one of the house’s most important divisions...

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Change in gaming: How Anita Sarkeesian’s GDC Ambassador Award is a game-changer

GDC’s Ambassador Award went to Anita Sarkeesian, the principal woman to ever be a recipient, highlighting the role women are having in changing gaming culture.
(Photo : Family Frequency)

When the 2014 Game Developers Choice Ambassador Award was given to Anita Sarkeesian, the Internet and gaming world went abuzz. Sarkeesian is the highest woman to win the award. She came to the deference of the entire tech and gaming world with her blogging, revelations here and there the negative comments directed her path, and her outspoken calls on the video quarry culture to change.

Social media sites and great number male gamers lashed out at the GDC throughout its naming of Sarkeesian, the sink of the blog Feminist Frequency, which explores portrayals of women in report culture, calling her a “fraud”...

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Codemasters to announce ‘Grid 3′ on April 22? Vroom!

Codemasters has released a cabalistic new teaser trailer hinting at the remit of Grid 3. Are the rumours relative to the game’s April 22 exemption real?

(Photo : Screenshot by TechTimes)

Codemasters has released a curt but mysterious teaser trailer that may intimate at the upcoming release of Grid 3. The imperfect video may also add veracity to the rumors that Grid 3 decision be released this coming April 22.

The Codemasters inscription in the beginning of a book Grid 2 was released almost a year ~ne but the company may already have existence preparing to release a sequel to their racing video bit of strategy franchise...

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Mojang and Warner Bros. team up to make Minecraft movie

Minecraft is none longer stuck in the video adventure world, as a movie is publicly being planned by Warner Bros. Pictured in this place is a screenshot from Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition.
(Photo : PlayStation Blog)

The video of ~ Minecraft is one of the biggest successes as it launched in 2009, and it being so that developer Mojang is aiming to take it farther with the help of Warner Bros. If everything goes according to contrive, Warner Bros. could have another close-based hit movie similar to that of “The Lego Movie.”

What Minecraft brings to the diet can be seen as a prescription for Hollywood success, and 34 year bad creator Markus “Notch” Persson seems to a high degree excited at the possibility of vexation Hollywood by storm.

“Someone is distressing leak the fact that we’re in op...

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